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Car Parks & Parking

Aceline Services are the team to service and design your car parking spaces to high and professional standard.  Our complete range of car parks and parking line marking services are important in your commercial environment to get them right by a company with industry experience and years of making line marking our business, talk to one of the team about your requirements.

Our services include small touch ups through to entire new car parking lots, we have the right team with the right experience and the tools and products to ensure a high quality application is applied giving you long lasting results.

Car parking services include:

  • Line Removal
  • Disability, Electric, Pram Parking
  • Wheel stops
  • Speed Bumps
  • Periodic inspection and test reports
  • Portable appliance testing
It is important for Aceline Services to have your parking systems stand out and be clear to your users, our quality service will make sure that this is the case.  With our car parking design team you can be assured that your parking spaces will completed to a high standard.

Parking Products:

Wheel Stops:

The wheel stops that Aceline Services use are recycled rubber wheel stops and are ideal for protecting structures and vehicles from being damage.

Wheel stops keep vehicles within designated parking areas so surroundings, such as walls & Windows are protected from vehicle damages.

The Hi-Vis on the black is for maximum visibility during the night and day time.

Wheel stops are Commonly used in parking buildings, supermarkets or any other parking type areas.

They come in two different sizes and are pre-Moulded with fixing holes.

– 1830 X 100 mm – 4 x Fixing holes
 1650 X 100 mm – 3 X fixing holes

Aceline Services Wheel Stops comply with New Zealand Safety standards, this great product is supplied and installed to a very high standard and have proven to be a success.

Speed Bumps:

Need to slow vehicles to a safer driving speed, rubber speed bumps are ideal.
Bolt down design ensures a strong fixture to all surfaces.
Speed Bumps come in 500 mm segments to suit your desired lengths.

Height sizes are:

  • 45 mm
  • 50 mm
  • 70 mm
  • 75 mm

Aceline services speed bumps are supplied and installed to an extremely high standard and designed to be very effective.


Every teacher and parent knows that physical activity is an integral part of a child’s learning. Through our line painting services in schools, children can both learn and have fun at the same time

Studies have shown that children will have heightened learning and greater attention when they’re having fun in their environment, our team prides themselves at providing schools with high quality visual learning aids.

Learning is not just about ABC’s and 123’s, it’s about having fun and learning the fundamental movements like running, jumping and catching, having a healthy body, coordination and teamwork, make these play areas attractive with our line painting designs, you will find the children’s enthusiasm will flow back into the classrooms after playing and engaging in our educational painting service. We offer line painting services for both indoor and outdoor area designs.

Examples are:

  • Snakes & Ladders
  • Number Boards
  • Alphabet games
  • Dates
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Coordination
  • Geography
  • Multiplication tables
  • Team games

Contact one of our team members for more information about the great products and services we have on offer, if you have your own idea for your school feel free to present it to us as we are most accommodating to work with you and your ideas for your schools play areas both inside and out.

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Aceline Services have been marking out sports fields for many years now, both in the out door environments and indoor court environments, from club teams to school sports areas we have got the right products and tools to present to you a first class and quality product that is designed to make the boundaries clear.  Our precise accuracy when line marking sports fields and sports activities are important to our team and we take pride in the work we provide.

Indoor Sports Tap Marking

Indoor Sports Tape markings are ideal product for all indoor line marking like gymnasiums, netball, basketball, tennis, badminton, futsal or any other sports facilities, we can also provide custom solutions for your needs.

Our Sports tape is a durable and long-lasting product that is provided to suit your needs. It comes in different colours to satisfy all customers.

Industrial & Safety

Long lasting safety lines and markings are a crucial part to your industrial business, especially when it comes down to the safety of your employees. With tougher HOS measures taken every year to assure the safety of people in the workplace it is important that we adhere to safe practices required by law in the workplace. Safety is paramount and can mean the make or break of meeting Health and Safety practices required by the council – this generally falls into the Health and Safety terminology of ‘risk isolation’ and ‘risk reduction’.

Creating clearly marked areas and paths to highlight policies and practices requisite to a safe working environment.

Examples of Safety Markings are:

  • Restricted and exclusion zones
  • Electrical Safety
  • Visitor walkways
  • Danger Markings
  • Machine Movement
  • Colour Coded Protection Gear Zones
  • Clearways
  • Warehouses
  • Factories

Industrial Tap Marking

Aceline Services uses a very durable and long-lasting Industrial tape that can stick to most surfaces. The advantage of Industrial tape is the ease of application and the removal if areas in your workplace change over time. This can become important to those businesses that continue to evolve over time through technology.  Industrial tap marking can be used for short or long-term marking. The benefits for short terms are that the product can be simply removed leaving next to little impact on the environment because of the easy to remove application. Traditional line marking is a long-term product and can’t be as easily removed and has more impact on the surface floor after being removed.  Talk to our team about the benefits of tape over painting today.

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