School Playground Markings

Every teacher and parent knows that physical activity is an integral part of a child’s learning. With our playground markings in schools, children can both learn and have fun at the same time

Studies have shown that children will have heightened learning and greater attention when they’re having fun in their environment, our team prides themselves at providing schools with high quality visual learning aids.

Learning is not just about ABC’s and 123’s, it’s about having fun and learning the fundamental movements like running, jumping and catching, having a healthy body, coordination and teamwork, make these play areas attractive with our playground markings. You will find the children’s enthusiasm will flow back into the classrooms after playing and engaging in our educational painting service. We offer line painting services for both indoor and outdoor area designs.

Examples are:

  • Snakes & Ladders
  • Number Boards
  • Alphabet games
  • Dates
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Coordination
  • Geography
  • Multiplication tables
  • Team games

Contact one of our team members for more information about the great products and services we have on offer, if you have your own idea for your school feel free to present it to us as we are most accommodating to work with you and your ideas for your schools play areas both inside and out.

Sports fields and courts for schools, we will have you staying inside the line.


Playground Markings

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