Industrial & Safety Line Marking

Keeping your Factory, Warehouse, and Industrial Line Markings fresh and easy to see is of paramount importance in a workplace, especially when it comes down to keeping your employees safe.

We are all about helping keep New Zealanders safe, that’s why our Line Marking team offer a high-quality service, providing long lasting safety lines and markings.

With tougher Health & Safety measures put into place every year to ensure the safety of our people in the workplace, it is important that we adhere to these safe practices. A key part of OHS is creating a worksite that has visual warnings for staff and visitors of any hazards.

Industrial Line Markings

How can our Line Marking team help with Health & Safety in your workplace?

  • By creating clearly marked walkways through factories and workshops
  • Marking areas where forklifts or other equipment may be operating
  • Floor markings with safety instructions for staff/visitors when entering the worksite or certain areas.

By adding line markings to your workplaces, you can create an efficient use of floor space – by creating an area for everything, you can even use the line marking to colour code to show specific location areas.

What are some examples of Industrial & Safety Markings?

      • Restricted and Exclusion Zones
      • Electrical Safety
      • Car Parks
      • Walkways
      • Danger / Warning Markings
      • Machine Movement Markings
      • Traffic Management Markings – Speed Limits, Arrows and Slow Markings
      • Pedestrian/Zebra Crossings
      • Clearways, Loading Zones Etc
      • Warehouses and Factories
      • Colour coded protection zones

Industrial Floor Tape:

Here at Aceline, we also offer an alternative to painted line markings in factories – we offer a heavy-duty floor tape.

The floor tape we offer is a thick durable, long-lasting industrial tape that sticks to most surfaces.

The advantage of floor tape over line markings is the ease of installation. To install it’s a simple peel and stick with less down time – no waiting for the paint to dry!

It’s also easily removable – this is ideal if your warehouse configuration changes over time.

Talk to our team about the benefits of floor tape over painting today.


Industrial Line Marking
Floor Marking Tape

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